Facilitating the Healing that begins & transcends...

Thank you for choosing Conscious Soul Living  to help enhance & fortify your Aura Field/Energy Shield.

I am The ConsciousCat and my partner is KamaChristina! We are certified Reiki Masters and intuitively gifted to offer you our services.


Gaia has prepared a wonderful table before us, filled with a variety of  natural & powerful energy healing stones to enable our success, as we navigate thru Life.


Moving forward, it's time to thrive and purposefully be alive! The evolution of the Souls should be the ultimate goal,.  Therefore, our FULL armor of protection should be worn daily.

With this understanding, many hours of cleansing, meditation,

Reiki & pure tone frequency infusions, are given to each of our Pieces in detail with passion.

It is our intentions, that as we live & breathe the brand. Our gifted mission is to help raise the vibrations of the Planet & its Soul Beings, one Aura Field at a time.


We love you!