Daily Meditation Reading: Pick a Card

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(A) Pele, Divine Passion:

Find the beat of your heart and dance to it. Don't be afraid of what others may think or say about you. This is your life and your one shot to be the best version of yourself. Do you Boo...!

(B) Sekhmet, Be Strong:

Quit thinking your strength carries weakness. You create your own weakness by giving it power of thought that you are not enough..., that your strength is not enough... Think about everything you have pulled through in your life and here you are! Gather that same energy and push forward.

(C) Coventina, Purification:

It's time for you to do a detox.

Detox and air out your life. Look at the people around you...., detox from those who are negative in your life.

What about your social media? Are you having endless scrolling sessions where you waist hours of the day, when you can be benefiting with something productive? Maybe it's time to disconnect for a while, or have a schedule time just for social media.

What about habits? What habits have you gained that are not for your highest good? Do you binge eat? Drink sodas? Do you lay around most of your mornings? Time to look at your habits and cut out the bullshit!

Find the shit that doesn't work for your best interest and detox from it !

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