Daily Meditation: The Fool


Today, just take that leap of Faith even if your not 100% ready or equipped just go for it! I mean when will you be 100% ready.....? never, so just go for it. There is great potential and opportunity right now, think of the world as your oyster. Just use some alchemy of feminine energy such as a creative mind and a dash of spontaneity and make the magic happen.

I love The Fool card because it's fun with no boundaries, fear has no place with this card. There is no what if's or I don't have.... You just got with the momentum that you created. Think about it as when you were a child and you were completely fearless, use that same energy as an adult to go after your dreams!

The Fool is number 0, which represents unlimited. The Fool is an Entrepreneur going after his/her ideas. The Fool stands at the edge of the cliff with no cares ready to take that leap of faith gazing up at the sky to the Universe. The Fool doesn't carry much other than a knapsack, there is no baggage that will hold The Fool back only what he/she need for this new journey (tools, experience, faith, creativity, ambition, positivity, self love ect.. ). The little white dog at his/her feet represents loyalty and protection. Think of the little dog as The Fools Spirit Animal. The mountains behind The Fool symbolizes the challenges, and if you noticed that The Fool is not looking at those challenges (mountains), rather The Fool doesn't care because the Fool is present, The Fool is focused more on starting the expedition.

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