This Renegade CSL Piece, was made to assist us when Mercury is in Retrograde or when I’m need to enhance your communication skills, stimulate your throat chakra, and clear toxic energies & raise your vibrations!

This CSL Piece includes the heavy weight energies of:

(1) Amethyst to strengthen the resonation within your 3rdEye of your to be able to receive high vibrational downloads and purify inner negativity and banish fears.

(2) Lapis Lazuli, helps balance the throat chakra and enables appropriate speech to speak your truth.

(3)Obsidian gives us the dissolves negativity dissolving before it reaches our aura field.

(4) Smoky Quartz will help quail the bleeping electronic malfunctions that are at an all time high during Mercury Retrograde, and also blocks & dissolves toxic energies.

(5) Fluorite helps us make good choices regardless to what is going on by keeping us grounded. 

Plus it will bring harmony to the heavy hitter chakras that are being challenged.

(6) Rainbow Druzy stones are known to promote calmness to a tensed mind for making life stress free. 

It draws out the pessimism from the inner aura of its carrier by infusing positivity inside as well as outside the carrier’s whole torso.
It is further known to stabilize the aura that in turn provokes creativity in the pragmatic thinking. 

The positive force of this gem helps you to develop a deep meditative state as well. 

It is further acknowledged to align all the imbalanced chakras of the torso.

ALSO infused with 963Hz (Love), 741Hz (Cleanse & prevents  toxic energies from entering your Aura Field), and 192Hz to open up and balance your throat chakra.


Mercury Retrograde Druzy Bracelet

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