This CSL Piece was created to enhance beauty while raising your vibrations!  

These glass beads are infused with 963Hz (Pure Love), 741Hz (Prevents toxic energies from entering your Aura Field, while removing those toxics already within it), and 192Hz (Stimulates your throat chakra, enabling you to speak clearly) frequency pure tones.


Aurora Lights Bracelet

SKU: RoseMercuryRetro
  • All sales are final. However, all sales come with a 1 year warranty with proof of purchase to replace the elastic band if it breaks. We will fix the elastic band and reapply your stones that were sent to us for the the elastic repair. 

    Customers are required to pay shipping and a $5.00 handling fee to utilize warranty. Please save your receipt for proof of purchase. This warranty is not to exceed two (2) repairs within one (1) year. Contact us by email: with your receipt, inquiries, and contact info before sending damaged merchandise to us. Warranty Inquires are subject to be rejected. Reason for rejection: Change of original stones or charms from original transaction, and or missing a full set of stones.