(Stackz = 2 Bracelets)

This Piece is comprised of Peridot & Blue Apatite natural stones!

Peridot is a joyful & uplifting stone. It represents everything radiant like the Sun. No wonder why it’s the Leo Sun Stone!

Like the Sun, it emits the energies to be bright, and are encoded with various energies to experience a high vibrational life, increases & abundance just to name a few. Sounds like a Leo right?!?

This Stone works with your heart chakra and will help dissolve and neutralize toxic energy and blockages.

This piece is not just for Leos. It's a great stone for those doing shadow work and whomever want to be endowed with these energies! It also helps with eyesight problems and helps resolves matters of the heart chakra as well.



is a very powerful & great motivational stone and works well with those looking to demonstrate a strong professional persona or looking to increase focus into their life. It also opens & balances the 3rdEye & Throat Chakras.

Therefore, it improves memory, concentration, aids in focus to meet deadlines, and increases time management skills, and clears the way for you to give voice to your thoughts and opinions in a more focused & polished manner.

By clearing the blockages in the throat chakra, you now have the ability to speak strongly, passionately, and articulately. You will be heard! Physically, it aids in the absorption of calcium, giving strength to teeth & bones & fights viruses.


is known to promote calmness to a tensed mind for making life stress free. It too draws out the pessimism from the inner aura, stabilizes it, and in turn provokes creativity in the pragmatic thinking.

It also helps to induce a deep meditative state for those who struggle with meditation, and is further acknowledged to align all the imbalanced chakras of the torso.

LASTLY, this Piece is also infused with Apatite Healing Frequencies & Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency Pure Tones.


“The Creator is Me” Stackz!

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