The CSL Dominator Piece is very powerful:
25” Length Natural Stones= 63 = Divine Sacred 9 🌀

(1)Tiger's Eye helps focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, with the take charge attitude. 

Helps to make sound decisions without being unclouded by emotions too.

It also kicks fear in the ass and gets results. 

(2) Obsidian is a  very strong protective stone, enhances truth and 
forms a shield against negativity.  

When wearing this stone, it connects to your aura field, blocking psychic attacks and absorbs negative energies from the environment and more.

(3) Hematite is a grounding stone that balances emotions to gain calmness in times of stress or worry. 

It also is a protective stone that absorbs negative energy. 

(4)Shungite Stones from the mountains of Russia contain a property called fullerenes that aid in protecting from toxic energies from things like cellphones & WiFi signals. It actually changes the charge.

(5)The Phoenix Rising From The Fire amulet is made of Tiger's Eye! 

It symbolizes rebirth, transcendence and victory over what came against you!

•174 Hz Natural Anesthetic
•285 Hz Heals & Regenerates tissues
•396 Hz Gives power to your goals
•417 Hz Removes Negativity
•528 Hz Returns DNA to original state
•639 Hz Harmonious Interpersonal Relationships
•741 Hz Cleans cells & detoxifies organs
•852 Hz Awakens InnerStrength & Raises Cell Energy
•963 Hz Pineal Gland Activation.

The Dominator

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