CSL Presents the Fully Focused Piece, 32.5" consisting of 25mm round & 16mm rondelle Natural Walnut Wood beads, Tiger Eye & Brecciated Jasper natural stones! Wearing this Piece promotes energies to GET THE JOB DONE!


Natural Walnut Wood emits the energies to focus, gain clarity & opens channels to receive intelligence, and the Tiger Eye Stone emits the energies of focus, strength, courage & motivation! It is empowered by the Sun & the Earth elements and works well in stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Brecciated Jasper bings this Piece to a head! It also emits the energies of FOCUS! In addition to its ability to enhance mental clarity, strength & vitality and also stimulates the Root Chakra! Identifying & solidifying a stable foundation to build upon.ALSO INFUSED WITH SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY PURE TONES OF 182Hz, 194.18hz, 256 Hz, 396hz, and 528Hz.

The Fully Focused Piece !