CSL Presents 
“The IntentionPiece!”

This 25” MiniMala is comprised of 63 Natural Stones! 63=6+3=Sacred9!

The orange stone is Carnelian. This stone energizes & removes blocked energies from the Sacral Chakra caused by sexual & mental abuse, traumas, and injuries of the Soul, etc. 

The Clear Quartz energizes any energies it is coupled with, dissolves blocked energies and is a great manifesting stone!

The small Fresh Water Pearls add healing aspects. Pearls also bring out purity, honesty & integrity, plus a feeling of beauty, dignity and calm. 

They also symbolize and stimulate femininity, feminine wisdom & charity.

The “Phoenix Rising From The Flames” carries the energies of “The Rebirth!”

This Phoenix is a locket, holding the ashes of Your Intentions. 

While wearing this Piece containing the Ashes of Your Intentions.

You are able to be mindful of them and send them “positive thought energies” thru out the day until manifestation.

The bar lock allows you reopen and change the ashes of your intentions frequently.


.925 Silver Phoenix locket and wire rap.

The SacredSpace Piece