In Your Home Reiki Innergy Healing

Chakra Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • Only within 22 miles from Sherman Oaks Ca. 91401

Service Description

Thankh You for allowing us to assist You upon Your Journey. We are here to assist in clean, clearing, unblocking, and balance your Innergy Field via Your 7 main Chakras. Chakras are Innergy Wheels located in the center of your physical body starting from Your head down to the center of Your genital area. Each Chakra is attached to a realm where fractals of yourself exist in 7 realities. Each realm's theme is based upon the Chakra. In this physical realm, we are experiencing situations that give us the ability to balance and enhance our realities within those 7 realms. When we express appropriately according to what suits our Higher Consciousness & Awarenesses or not, manifests in those individual Chakra Realms. The first Reiki/Innergy Healing session consists of assessing, and identifying blockages within Your Chakras. A summary of such findings will be made available to You and suggestions of Your daily participation as homework.If Your assessment indicates more healing is needed, we will be glad to assist You as well by setting up future appointments. You will also receive an Intuitive Reading by pulling 3 Tarot Cards. Also, a Chakra Card reading will be given based upon the chakras that require the most attention. Please understand all Reiki Sessions are not the same. We are INTUITIVE HEALERS and Certified Reiki Masters. During the sessions, we are guided by Your Innergies, Spirit Guides, HIGHER SELF, including our own. The session will be performed in the comfort of your own home laying on our portable & comfortable massage table. For this service, you must reside within a 22 mile radius from Sherman Oaks, Ca. Thankh You in advance for being Mindful to assess, and address Your Innergy Body. With Love, Peace & High Vibrational Lights Stephanie & The Conscious Cat *If you have any questions please go to our Contact Page and Submit a form or email us at: Subject Line: Booking Questions.

Cancellation Policy

There are no Refunds. Cancellations will not be refunded, however you can be rescheduled based upon availability. Please respect the energies of time.

Contact Details

Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA, USA